Meeting room away from the meeting room


    View plans from friends/family & colleagues within the network in the masterplan cloud.


    Export your plans in different resolution for different uses.


    Share, View & Edit plans in actual time.

  • Smart design

    Turn your plan into presentation in a matter of seconds.

Traditionally, nothing beats a core team of people getting together, sitting in the same room and working at the same time. But with increasingly dispersed team members spread geographically we need to advantage from technology that gives us a lot of flexibility and more importantly, being able to work remotely! MasterPlan’s software allows you to simulate to what its like being in the same room.

As a team, we set a common goal and we can only achieve this by making sure all the team members individually put their energy towards this goal. When teams are split into different parts, often coordinating, communicating with one another, transferring information, when required, to the ones who require it can involve certain barriers. The process becomes less smooth and can create constraints.

MasterPlan’s mission is to improve productivity of the team members, team groups, and advantage from maximize output by being able to goal to: Enabling systematic collaboration on a common platform. The modern technology integrated in MasterPlan will allow for an individual to work on projects with their team members from across the room or the other side of the globe and this will initially advantage to the nature of scale of how much one can take on as well.

Keep in mind; MasterPlan is just as effective in a professional setting, as it is in a personal one. Whether it's co-founders scoping out a business plan for their emerging start-up, managers tracking project milestones, or a home-owner managing different components of a home renovation, the app's range of use is practically limitless.